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Late evening sun lighting up DQ-PDG

PDA  737-200 Full schedule now ready ! 

The Boeing 737-200 schedules are out there now. They cover the Solomon Islands, Nauru, and Tonga, and including the hubs of Fiji and Tahiti.

Also on 737-200 schedule, are the Australian East coast Airports of Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville.  There are others, but I will let you explore.

These aircraft also fly to some of the smaller fields so you'll need to be aware !. No 10,000' runways here ! [These airports are well within the aircraft capabilities, but you will need to take care !]

PDA ATR schedules nearly ready.

Full flaps - ready for touchdown

Schedules for the ATR's are just being finalised now, and should be ready by the end of the week (30th Jan 2005) so keep an eye out. perhaps the 'Directions' news-hound will find out before me !

 Two out of the three will most likely be hub based, one out of Fiji and the second out of Tahiti, with the third perhaps loosely based out of Rarotonga (NCRG), to provide cover for the central South Pacific islands.

As with the Boeing 732 aircraft above, these ATR's will be running to some of the smaller Islands and will require careful planning and preparation. Have fun !

Clear sky's, and happy flying -
Rob W
UKD192 Mr. Prop Head.

Last update 10th March 2006