The World of Pacific Direct Airways  

 A Two Hub network based around Nadi International (NFFN) in Fiji and Faaa International (NTAA) in Tahiti.
The Pacific Direct Airways Network strectches from Singapore (WSSS) and Darwin (YPDN) in the West, over to Guayaquil (SEGU), Panama (MPTO) and Santiago (SCEL) in the East, on up to Tokyo (RJAA) and San Francisco (KSFO) in the North, on down to Sydney (YSSY) and Auckland (NZZA) in the South, and all stops in between !

Organised Chaos. Forward into the Past !
Keeping one eye on a clock showing GMT, an eye on the Time-Table, an eye on the Calendar, and you might just figure out what time and day it is, and where you are going. Not forgetting to fly the aircraft of course.
The routes span 14 different time zones, and TWO complete days !.
On some flights you will be going back in time, from Monday Morning in Fiji,
to Sunday Midday in Pago Pago 2 hours later !

The Fleet  (as of 6th March 2006)

2 x ATR45 1 x ATR72 2 x Boeing 737-200 2 x Boeing 737-800 2 x Boeing 747-200


Updated 12 March 2006